Diktyon is a scientific network of digital resources and databases on Greek manuscripts.

This network sprang informally from a workshop held in January 2013 at the Institut de recherche et d’histoire des textes in Paris (see conclusions of the workshop).

Faced with the proliferation of digital resources on the web and the risk of dispersion of the data, the idea was to find ways to coordinate different enterprises in the field of Greek manuscript studies.

The network operates through the presence of unique identifiers for items that are common to the different resources (shelf marks, authors, etc..). These identifiers are integrated in each database participating in the network, which then develops the necessary scripts to query other databases of the network trhough these identifiers.

The first step to create this network is based on the creation of unique identifiers for manuscripts shelf marks that will be integrated in the different databases from the beginning of 2014. The creation of identifiers for other common items (authors, texts, people) will then follow.

The Diktyon network is an open network that will extend to digital projects on Greek texts and manuscripts willing to join.

For more information or to join the network please contact: diktyon.contact at gmail.com.