Identifiers for Manuscripts

For manuscripts shelf marks, the network partners chose to adopt a non-significant numeric identifier that is provided by the Pinakes database, which has to date the most comprehensive directory of Greek manuscript shelf marks (over 70,000).

The list of shelf marks with the corresponding Diktyon IDs is provided in the form of two CSV files that can be downloaded at the bottom of the page :

  • File shelf marks and Diktyon IDs for cities from Aberdeen to Lyon.
  • File shelf marks and Diktyon IDs for cities from Mâcon to Zwickau.

Diktyon IDs are also visible on the Pinakes website in the URL of the page corresponding to each manuscript ; to find a particular ID, go to the tab Répertoire > Recherche and search by City, Library, Collection then select a particular shelfmark. The ID is a five-digit number , visible in the url: . For example, the manuscript Paris, BNF , Coislin 1: , the Diktyon ID is 49143.

If a manuscript happens to be missing in the Pinakes repertory, or if a shelf mark is clearly erroneous and must be corrected, please contact the database administrators who will make corrections as soon as possible:
(andre.binggeli at et matthieu.cassin at )